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In my hometown in Sicily, my grandparents & parents consistently made a delicious homemade meal every day. With very little money to spare, pasta was a staple in our home.

Sunday was a special day to get together with family and friends, when we could have a hearty pasta sauce made with a variety of meats in it. The sauce would simmer for hours on the stove (Mickele, go stir the pot!) filling our house with the delicious smell of Italian Gravy, of Italy, of family.

Now Dante & Luigi's brings you this 100-year-old tradition to share with your family.


Because these sauces are homemade right in our restaurant every day, there is nothing like this on the market today.

Our Marinara Sauce also makes a perfect base sauce! Add your favorite ingredients. For example:

  • • Add peas and serve over shell pasta and you have an Italian favorite "Pasta & Peas."
  • • Add your favorite shell fish, simmer till fish is done and serve over Linguini and you have a delicious seafood "Cioppino."
  • • The possibilities are endless...

Enjoy! Mangia!!


Marinara Per Pasta

INGREDIENTS: Imported whole Italian tomatoes, water, virgin olive oil, canola oil, onions, fresh garlic, fresh basil, butter, salt, pepper

Sugo di Pasta

INGREDIENTS: Imported whole Italian tomatoes, tomato paste, water, virgin olive oil, canola oil, beef, pork, veal, fresh garlic, fresh basil, salt, pepper, sugar

This is Italian Gravy!


Our gravy is packed in 32 oz jars, enough for the whole family. Have leftovers? It's even better the next day!

32oz. Jars of Marinara Per Pasta Jar of Original Marinara per Pasta $7.00 Call Us To Order
32oz. Jars of Sugo di Pasta Jar of Original Sugo di Pasta $10.00 Call Us To Order

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